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Su-Hyun, 26-year-old Korean, who just immigrated to Canada and is suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth at an early age, struggles between her other-self that strongly wants to hurt the baby and her conscious that wants to regain one’s reason. However, she burns out due to her stressful situation and makes a horrible decision that will haunt her for the rest of her lives. 


Cindy Hojung Hah was born in Seoul, Korea and travelled many places including Japan, China, US, Europe before she finally landed in Vancouver. She has been interested in CG animations and editing since she started realizing that films are not actually all “real”, but made instead. She then went into the UBC film production program and has edited and produced many student films, including Broken Castle and Eggshells. In this year, she wrote and directed Baby Blue, that is very related to her mother’s experience.  She is very excited to participate in other films in the future, hopefully in Asia.

Cindy Hojung Hah
Director / Writer






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Shan Ugalino
Director of Photography
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