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Elizabeth, a devoted single mother of two wonderful kids, Bella and Jack, struggles to make ends meet. Based in the 90s, Bring Back The Daisies follows Elizabeth as she navigates her task of balancing uncertainty, responsibility, and reality while walking the fine line between protecting her children and being honest with them. A touching story about love, family, and humility. 






Kate has not submitted a biography.

Kate Smith
Director / Writer

Emily-Anne Mikos is a Canadian writer and editor. It is her 4th year in the Film Production program, where she has learned to expand her knowledge on the inner workings of all aspects of filmmaking and apply them to her thesis short film, Helen. Heavily inspired by her Greek upbringing, Helen is the accumulation of everything Emily-Anne has learned during her three years in the film production program.


Determined to create content that inspires and surprises people, Emily-Anne hopes to begin her journey as a TV writer and continue to push her boundaries as a storyteller.

Emily Anne-Mikos




After graduating high school while interning at a production company in Washington, Luke Strahm came to Vancouver to pursue Film Production at UBC. With a passion for cinematography and a background in motion graphics, Luke is working on short films, music videos and commercials in Vancouver as a DoP.

Luke Strahm
Director of Photography
as ***
as ***
1st Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
1st Assistant Camera
2nd Assistant Camera

Lamp Operator
Key Grip
Dolly Grip

Production Designer
Art Director
Art Assistant

Sound Mixer
Boom Operator

Hair and Make Up
BTS Photographer
Production Assistant