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Parting from her successful sweet sixteen, Lory Marshall meets up with Olivia Hung to dish about the hottest happenings of her birthday party. As the two gossip in Lory’s room, Nancy Jansen, Lory’s ex-best friend, falls dead from her closet. Afraid of losing their popularity, Lory and Olivia begin to retell their nights to straighten out their alibis. But in doing so, the two girls turn on each other as the truth about them both and Nancy is revealed. 


Toronto-born filmmaker, Anna Shannon, moved out to the west coast of Canada to study Film Production at UBC. Primarily an editor, Anna took a step away from her comfort zone and stepped into the directing role to bring her story, Nancy’s Dead!, to life.


She is consistently inspired by the horror and dark-comedy genre, and pulls heavily from highly stylized filmmakers such as Guillermo Del Toro, David Lynch, and Yorgos Lanthimos. She hopes to create more works that push her boundaries as a filmmaker and person in the future.

Anna Shannon
Director / Writer



Eman Mahmood is a Pakistani filmmaker whose experience and time in Lahore based theatre led her in the way of filmmaking. Currently a film production student at UBC, she has spent time producing multiple student productions. Eman hopes to gain experience working in the film industry in Vancouver and make a feature film of her of her own one day.

Eman Mahmood



Gurbir arrived at UBC after having worked professionally for a couple of years in the non-profit sector. Though his many experiences were valuable his interests in the work of his colleagues on the media team grew very strong. He then made the decision to make a major shift in the direction of his career and pursue his interests in film, arriving here to to pursue a diploma in Film Production.

Gurbir Grewal
Director of Photography
Chelsea Henry
Yasmine Ross
Tara Whatley
as Olivia Hung
as Nancy Jansen
as Lory Marshall
Shawn Nash
1st Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
Script Supervisor

1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera



Production Designer
Art Assistant
Art Assistant
Hair and Makeup
SFX Makeup

Sound Mixer

Boom Operator
Production Manager/Crafty
BTS Photographer
William Nitransky
Michelle Olson
Emma Eng
Nina Long
Sila Goral
Clara Salemeh
Samuel Jing
Will Dickson
Sam Barringer
Angus Silver
Sean Patterson
Nina Long
Sebastian Hill-Esbrand
Jeremy Ciao
Rebecca Scherman
Nisa Brennan
Klara Wyse
Maddy Chang
Cara Jameson
Maddy Hermans
Noah Browne
Pihu Gupta
Emiliano Urquiza
Rehmat Babbar
Nina Long