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Shortly after Nelson’s return to high school from the psychiatric hospital. His best friend Lou does what she can to help him adjust, while battling her own depression. The seventeen year olds do their best to distract each other from their dark thoughts. They spend their time making art and cracking jokes, to avoid their chronic gloom. 

Caid Dow is a film maker, photographer and visual artist.  Born in Halifax, raised in Calgary, currently in her fourth year at UBC in Vancouver with a BFA in Film Production. As a writer, director and production designer she has recieved awards for both her documentary and fiction shorts. Including the  H. Norman Lidster Prize in Documentary Filmmaking. Her works have been shown across Canada at festivals such as Whistler International Film Festival and Kingston Canadian Film Festival. She focuses on films that tell honest stories exploring topics such as gender and mental health.


She puts a strong and conscious effort into creating unique, colourful worlds through production design. Striving to make stories that not only make one smile, but encourage you to think a little differently.

Caid Dow
Director / Writer

Sam Mohseni is an Iranian writer and director based in Vancouver, Canada currently finishing his Bachelor degree in Film Production at the University of British Columbia. He is also academically trained in Classical and Traditional Persian music practically and theoretically.

Sam is interested in telling stories that explore characters of different backgrounds and cultures who are put in an unfamiliar space, and the journey they must go through to find their place in a new society.

After the completion of his Bachelor degree, Sam wants to pursue Graduate studies and eventually a creative career to reach his goal of becoming a successful multi-medium artist.

Sam Mohseni


Dide Su Bilgin is a Turkish filmmaker and editor in her 4th year at the University of British Columbia Film Production Program. She is interested in tackling the many aspects of film regarding representation of the intangible, whether this entails picking at the human psyche or illustrating narratives in regard to identity.


Dide Su is heavily inspired by animation and is curious about unconventional methods of filmmaking. As the daughter of two scientists, experimentation comes as a natural cause and effect.

Dide Su Bilgin
Director of Photography
Tom Black
as Nelson
Sophie MacLean
as Lou
1st Assistant Director
1st Assistant Camera

Key Grip

Production Designer

Sound Mixer

Hair and Make Up
Sam Mohseni
Robbie Bancroft
Kate Smith
Kai Czarnowski
Jenny-Lee Gilmore
Anna Shannon
Laken Cutforth