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The story follows Nora, a 16 year old girl first generation asian girl, who tries to navigate her place and belonging when her friend Bailey proposes the idea to throw their sweet sixteen birthday parties together.

Born and raised just down the street, it seems like Maddy has always been destined to end up kickin’ it at UBC. Even when she tried to move back home after she decided to flee to Toronto for a year, a really nice airline attendant let her onto the plane after losing her ID in between security and the gate. She still doesn’t know how this happened. Don’t ask. At the festival, the 20 year-old will be showcasing her directing and writing abilities through a film about a 16 year-old. She apologizes in advance if this film makes you hungry while watching it. This is solely based on the feedback that she has received during screenings. She suggests you sneak in a snack or two.

Maddy Chang
Director / Writer


Coming from the side of the planet where the sun rises to the side where sunsets mean a lot more than just Instagram posts. Rehmat brings with her not just the sun but a whole lot of love and warmth. You’ll often hear her being addressed as ‘Ray’ (its because she’s like a Ray of sunshine not just because the guy at Starbucks couldn't spell Rehmat). Learning to produce her first film has been a super exciting journey, what’s been even better is doing it alongside two very talented and amazing women. You’ll probably never see her side of work on screen but much like the sun rays reflecting through the moon at night, a producer’s work is present even when the lights go out.

Rehmat Babbar


With that heavy ass of a camera on her shoulder, Yasmine shot her first film. As Directory of Photography she was able to experiment with a variety of camera movements from dolly to handheld shots. Yasmine is also extremely allergic to writing bios and therefo….. great okay does someone have an EpiPen? Let’s go “blue to the sky, orange to the thigh”! If you wanna know more you’re just gonna have to ask her in person folks.

Yasmine Ross
Director of Photography
Alison Chang
as Nora
Edited by
1st Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
1st Assistant Camera
2nd Assistant Camera


Production Designer
Art Director
Art Assistant

Sound Mixer

Boom Operator

Hair and Make Up
BTS Photographer

Production Assistant
Craft Services
Nina Long
Rehmat Babbar
Maddy Chang
Anna Shannon
Michelle Olson
Sila Goral
Brian Johnson
Elis Fowler
Nina Long
Luke Strahm
Martin Chan
Max Curtis
Sony Tsai
Claire Shrestha
Aaron Kenney
Nissa Brennan
Harley Mararan
Omorose Osagie
Melissa Lam
Herman Muller
Lampo Zeng
Liz Gao
Melissa Lam
Nina Long
Luke Chu
Joshua Lam