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Introducing Springville’s most respected and not to mention qualified housewife, Mrs. Linda Knocker. On the outside, she is perfect, every inch, every curve, even every freckle, there’s just one thing … Although, one might say it’s really two. Her breasts. You know, her titties, tattas, melons, jugs, the twins, you name it and let's just say, she doesn’t have it. How the hell is Linda supposed to be the perfect housewife when she still looks like a sixteen year-old girl going through puberty? It’s just not a thing. She never really used to care. This much at least. That is until, the dreaded, Crystal Johnston, decided to join the country club. After that … Everything changed. 

Michelle Olson is your average twenty-two year old strawberry blonde kinda crazy (but in the good way) film production student at the University of British Columbia. At the festival, Michelle will most likely be twenty minutes late and you’ll definitely hear her laughing somewhere in the back - or as some like to call it, cackling. Michelle had the divine pleasure of writing and directing her first short film about little boobies and big boobies and all the drama that unfolds in-between. Michelle’s inspiration to write The Knockers flourished immensely from her up bringing in Atlanta Georgia and Toronto Ontario. Michelle likes to take note of all the absurd yet amusing people who seem to fall into her lap. Funny people, they are the joys of her life. Michelle looks forward to encountering many more interesting characters in the future, starting this summer as she begins a new journey, interning at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Until then, she hopes you enjoy the films, the festival and the fruitcake. C’est la vie. Such is life.

Michelle Olson
Director / Writer






Cara has not submitted a biography.

Cara Jameson

Brian Johnson is a modern American boy, hailing from Federal Way, Washington. At the festival, Brian will be presenting his cinematographic work on the Knockers (in collaboration with Michelle Olson) while simultaneously asking his row if they’ve seen his keys. Seriously guys have you seen my keys they have a little allen key on them and a one of those green hotel tags, from the hotel from twin peaks. I live in a seven story walk-up downtown and all I want to do is head home and crash. Actually I’m gonna ask the row in front as well- Hey guys have you seen my keys? They’ve got an allen key and a green twin peaks hotel room tag. Someone in my row might have kicked them down into your row by accident? What? Look Miss I’m know I’m “interrupting” the show but I’d really just feel much better if I had my keys and- what’d you call me? Seriously? Who let you in anyways? No seriously who let you in? You’d really ought to- oh wait here they are, they’re in my bag. bitch

Brian Johnson
Director of Photography
Ariel Slack
as Crystal Johnson
Amy King
as Linda Knocker
Rich King
as Jeremy Knocker
Troy Tucker
Cindy Walker
Suzy Andrews
Edited by
1st Assistant Director
Script Supervisor

1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera

Key Grip


Production Designer
Art Assistant


Sound Mixer
Boom Operator

Hair and Make Up
Costume Designer
BTS Photographer

Production Assistant
Production Manager
Craft Services
Christophe Quievreux
Rebecca Dykstra
Jamee Brotherton
Anna Shannon
Yasmine Ross
Emma Eng
Omorose Osagie
Luke Strahm
Anna Shannon
Nina Long
Melissa Lam
Gurbir Grewal
Dide Su Bilgin
Eman Mahmood
Kate Smith
Ian Tan
Rowan Lee-Hurt
Brennan Little
Madaline Chang
Jamie Lam
Alex Rodrigues
Omorose Osagie
Nina Brennan
Louise Domenach
James Ryan
Pihu Gupta
Zoe Rivard-Lorincz
Maddy Hermans
Jenny Lee-Gilmore
Melissa Lam
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Dan Nguyen
Penelope Olson
Kevin Saxby
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